About Evyon

Evyon exists to maximize the value of every battery for a fully renewable future for everyone. This we do by combining cutting-edge battery intelligence with the industrialization of repurposing, making repurposed battery systems both financially and environmentally sustainable.

Based in Oslo, Norway, we aim to become the leading European repurposed in 2025 and world-leading in planet-friendly energy storage solutions by 2030.

The challenge

Towards 2030, the yearly volumes of discarded EV batteries are estimated to grow to more than 200 GWh - the equivalent of more than 3 million EVs. At least one-third of these are expected to be fully functional with more than 80% remaining capacity and that can live on for more than 10 years in a second-life application. In other words, we are facing a major risk of destroying billions of Euros of high-value assets.

The opportunity

In order to build a fully renewable future for everyone, the world will need to install terawatthours of energy storage to provide clean and reliable power when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. Massive growth in renewable energy is needed to serve a steadily growing demand for electricity to charge our cars, buses, ferries and planes, making sustainable energy storage a necessity, not an alternative.

The story of Evyon

Evyon - originally founded under the name RePack - sprung out of the Antler incubation program during the fall of 2020 as a response to the quickly growing volumes of discarded EV batteries. The founders Jørgen and Radu quickly saw the vast potential of this opportunity, and managed to secure the first private investment from Antler during the course of six weeks from inception.

The company’s first name - RePack - was a perfect fit to the original idea: To repackage discarded EV batteries. But as the founders gathered more speed and continued to realize the opportunities in front of them, they quickly realized that the name only covered a part of their vision. This lead the team through a renaming process which eventually landed on Evyon. Evyon encompasses many meanings - forever on, EV, ions, view - and flows perfectly with the company’s vision: A fully renewable future for everyone.

People & planet made profitable We deliver profitable solutions that benefit both people and planet
We are shapers We are leaders, not followers, in an emerging industry
We move smart and fast We are quick to output, iterate together and accept that both success and failure are part of the process
We do more with less We are dedicated to making every penny count
We own our work
We always deliver on our promises
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We make each other stronger though embracing diversity, sharing opinions, knowledge and resources.

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