Our mission

Evyons mission is to maximize the value of every battery.

The challenge

Towards 2030, the amount of discarded EV batteries is estimated to grow to more than 200 GWh per year or the equivalent of more than 3 million EVs. Most of these are expected to be fully functional with 70-80% remaining capacity. In other words, we are facing a major risk of destroying trillions of Euros of high-value assets.

The opportunity

In order to enable a fully renewable future, the world will need to install terawatt-hours of energy storage to provide us with reliable and clean power when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. Massive growth in renewable energy is needed to serve a steadily growing demand for electricity in a sustainable way, making green energy storage a requirement.

The solution

Evyon develops novel technologies to repurpose second-life EV batteries into modular battery energy storage systems in a streamlined, safe, and cost-effective way. Using second-life EV batteries, Evyon estimates its battery systems to have an up to 95% lower carbon footprint compared to systems based on new battery cells. By leveraging automation and standardization through a data-driven approach, our ambition is to make battery systems a profitable and sustainable investment.

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