Evyon + NORCE partners up to develop testing methods

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On our mission to enable the reused battery revolution, Evyon is working on finding new and innovative ways to assess the health status of batteries - paving the path to increased reuse of used batteries, more sustainable battery production, and the reduction of climate footprint.


Batteries play a key role in the transition from hydrocarbon-based to electric-based energy that is a driving force behind the green revolution. To maximize the value of every battery, new methods are needed to better detect the state of health of these batteries. In addition to our efforts to use innovative data science methodologies, Evyon is now together with partners examining how ultrasound of cells and modules for high-energy propulsion batteries can support our mission.


Evyon is proud to announce that we are part of a research consortium led by NORCE and IFE - some of Norway's largest independent research institutes - in how to assess the State of Health of li-ion batteries using ultrasound. The consortium was on January 27th 2022 granted support from RFF Vestland. 


Together with the project partners AS Batteriretur, Corvus Energy AS, and Hydro Energy AS, Evyon will support this cutting-edge research project with knowledge and capabilities. If successful, this technology will have a profound impact on how second-life batteries are effectively characterized.


More information can be found on NORCE's webpages.

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