Evyon and Kverneland Energi sign Letter of Intent for collaboration

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Evyon and Kverneland Energi have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to collaborate on integrating Evyon’s pilot battery energy storage system (BESS) into Kverneland’s customer-facing product offering. In addition, the agreement outlines the intention of Kverneland to source 5 MWh BESS from Evyon starting the second half of 2023.



Kverneland Energi container. Image source: Kverneland Energy

Kverneland Energi specializes in integrating and deploying renewable energy systems. They integrate solar PV infrastructure, battery systems and software for the production and use of renewable energy in commercial and industrial settings. Kverneland shares the same mission as Evyon; the company’s goal is to use smart technology to help reduce fossil fuel consumption and create a sustainable future.

The agreement between Evyon and Kverneland Energi highlights the mutual benefit of the collaboration. As Evyon secures a valuable customer, Kverneland gains a reliable supplier of high-quality, sustainable battery energy systems. Evyon’s commits to building and delivering the Pilot BESS to Kverneland, after which the companies will collaborate to integrate the system into Kverneland’s customer-facing offering. This collaboration will benefit both people and the planet, as successful implementation means more EV batteries can be repurposed to serve stationary energy storage applications.

Kverneland’s co-founder and CTO, Jonas Kverneland comments “We are always on the lookout for innovative ways of improving our product offering. Using Evyon’s sustainable batteries gives us a great opportunity of offering even more sustainable solutions to our customers, without compromising on the high quality of work that Kverneland is known for”.

Jørgen Erdal, Evyon’s co-founder, and CEO is excited to work with Kverneland: “We are impressed with the business and reputation the Kverneland team have managed to build in such a short time, and it is exciting that we now get a chance to collaborate on using our sustainable battery systems in Kverneland’s product offering”.

Delivery of a pilot system for testing is scheduled for Q1 2023. Following successful testing, Kverneland intends to purchase close to 5 MWh of battery systems from Evyon, for use in charging containers and renewable energy projects.

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About Kverneland

Kverneland Energi, founded in 2017, is a technology that provides solutions for renewable energy production. Kverneland Energi has grown from a solar installation company to a business that integrates and offers energy systems, using solar cells, wind turbines, generators and batteries. The company’s mission is to offer cost-effective technology solutions that will impact the environment in a positive manner.     

About Evyon

Evyon exists to enable maximum value generation from second-life batteries by repurposing them in a safe, data-driven and cost-effective way. Evyon’s proprietary hardware and Battery Cloud ecosystem enable the conversion of spent EV batteries into top-quality, high-value, and plug-and-play battery energy storage systems. The company’s ambition is to become European-leading in reused batteries by 2025, and world-leading in sustainable energy storage by 2030.

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