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Evyon team

Evyon team. Photo: Evyon.


This month Evyon turns two years old. In these past two years, Evyon has made amazing progress in maximizing the value of every battery. What started as part of the Antler program, soon became an innovation-driven business that, through smart technology, contributes to creating a more sustainable future.

Thanks to the strong support of Evyon’s partners and investors, Evyon has been able to deploy its mission to enable the reused battery revolution by building scalable and high-quality battery energy storage systems that improve energy savings at a cost-effective price and ensure user safety through the Evyon Battery Cloud monitoring tool. 

Through collaboration with customers such as Integrated Renewables, PRIO, and Møller Eiendom, as well as suppliers such as Mercedes-Benz Energy, Evyon has gained valuable assistance to test and produce first-rate battery energy storage systems that can empower societies in a safe manner. 

Evyon’s success is also attributed to leading nordic and international investors that have supported its business ambition and operations. If it was not for their understanding of Evyon’s technology and strong belief in its capabilities to innovate and develop sustainable solutions, Evyon would not have been able to move forward in such a competitive market. 




Growing our team and culture

Teamwork has always been at the heart of Evyon’s activities. Together with partners, supporters, and investors, the Evyon team made each of this year’s achievements possible. Evyon team’s technical expertise also enabled the company to build quality-driven battery systems for commercial and industrial customers. 

This year, Evyon has been working collaboratively with excellent companies and a team of investors that not only share the same values but also put trust in Evyon’s brand and its potential to become European leaders in repurposed batteries.


Together with K8 Industridesign, Evyon has been developing a sustainable mobile energy solution that helps mitigate the problems caused by diesel generators. At the same time, Kverneland Energi is cooperating with Evyon to test and integrate our high-quality battery energy storage systems into their product offerings. 


The future of Evyon


The ongoing agreements and partnerships between Evyon and other businesses previously mentioned will enable us to generate significant profits throughout 2023. In fact, Evyon is expected to make roughly €10M in 40MWh battery energy systems sales next year. We will advance and enhance Evyon’s Battery Cloud so that customers can continuously evaluate and keep track of the BESS’ performance and health status.

To enable this growth, Evyon will also open up new job positions for those that are driven by innovation, sustainability, and diversity. Evyon will put focus on growing its team; next year Evyon will onboard talented professionals that will support the company in reaching its goals.

At Evyon, individuals that are willing to learn and not scared to try out new things are welcome to apply; so if you are interested to join the Evyon team, check out the careers page.

A year has passed by so fast, but the Evyon team can hardly wait for what’s next to come!


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