Evyon selected to deliver a 200 kWh battery system to Møller Eiendom

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Evyon will deliver a repurposed battery energy storage system (BESS) to Møller Eiendom for installation in Stavanger. The system will be installed by OneCo at one of Møller Eiendom’s locations, where it will be integrated with a larger solar PV installation.


Roof of Møller Eiendom's building. Image source: Møller Eiendom

Evyon will supply Møller Eiendom with a 200 kWh industrial BESS plus Energy Management System (EMS) that will control the charging and discharging of the battery for maximum value creation. By choosing a repurposed BESS from Evyon, Møller Eiendom lowers their carbon footprint by 12-21 tonnes - compared to a new battery system - and contributes to the following value drivers:  


  • Increase of own consumption of self-produced solar energy

  • Maximum power reduction (i.e., Peak Shaving)

  • Arbitrage on spot price

  • Avoidance or postponement of power grid upgrades

  • Increase maximum power availability

Using a battery system enables Møller Eiendom and their tenants to achieve the lowest possible cost of energy each day. Møller Eiendom and Evyon envision an empowered and renewable future for everyone. This collaborative project between the two companies will enable us to move forward towards this common goal.

Learn more about Evyon’s energy storage solutions. Want to join the team? Check out our careers page! 

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About Møller Eiendom

Møller Eiendom owns, managed and develops commercial real estate in Norway, Sweden and the Baltics. With a portfolio of 100 properites, Møller Eiendom today manages a portfolio of 15 BNOK, making up more than 500.000 square meters and 600 MNOK in yearly rent. Møller Eiendom has high ambitions for the sustainability of their portfolio, and is targeting to lower the energy consumption of their fully owned properties by 10% by 2025.


About Evyon

Evyon exists to enable maximum value generation from second-life batteries by repurposing them in a safe, data-driven and cost-effective way. Evyon’s proprietary hardware and Battery Cloud ecosystem enable the conversion of spent EV batteries into high-quality, affordable, and plug-and-play battery energy storage systems. The company’s ambition is to become European-leading in reused batteries by 2025, and world-leading by 2030. 



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