Team Member Spotlight: Meet our Senior Embedded Engineer, Minza Gayas.

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This month’s Team Member Spotlight brings Minza Gayas, our Senior Embedded Engineer. Minza is an experienced system engineer and software developer specialist whose technical expertise will play a key role in advancing Evyon’s battery solutions.  

Since Minza joined Evyon, she has demonstrated her software engineering skills in the development of Evyon’s sustainable battery energy storage solutions. This month, we will share Minza’s exciting personal and professional journey as a Senior Embedded Engineer at Evyon.  

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience prior to joining Evyon?


"Prior to joining Evyon, I was working as a System Engineer at Bharat Electronics, a Defense Equipment Manufacturer in India. My main projects revolved around the engineering of 4D Active Aperture Phase Array RADAR. I worked on the design & development of Air defense application modules that presented the real-time air situation picture to the user. The key characteristics of these systems were fast response, resilience, and reliability. So, the exposure I got through these projects has developed my expertise in designing  robust systems keeping in consideration the market needs, customer requirements, and the latest technology trends."

2. How did you get started in the energy industry?

"After moving to Norway, finding a job was one of my topmost priorities. I knew beforehand that the energy industry has a significant foothold here, but I filtered job postings mostly relevant to the work I had done before. When I came across the job vacancy at Evyon, it appeared as a perfect combination of what I was looking for in terms of my experience and new opportunities for my career growth. Of course, becoming part of the Energy industry was cherry on the cake!"


3. What does your job at Evyon entail?


"I am working on Embedded IoT devices that form an outer layer of battery energy storage systems. This layer acts as a link to the external energy management/control systems and delivers battery metrics, system state, and errors. These parameters can be analyzed to exact optimum performance from a stand-alone battery system, thereby extending its lifetime in the long run. My area of responsibility includes interfacing with different battery modules, inverters, device management, and integration with Battery Cloud."

4. What does your daily routine at work look like?


"The exciting part of my daily routine at Evyon is that it’s not the same every day! I get to work on different aspects, be it hardware testing, software development, network interfacing or integrating with new systems. Besides, working with a commendable team makes the work environment even more conducive. In a nutshell, I never get a feeling of being stuck in a mundane routine. And did I forget emails and meetings? Yes, there are a lot of these too."

5. What kind of impact do you foresee Evyon having in the future of the energy industry?

"With more EVs coming into the market, more used EV batteries will be available in the market. Giving a second life to these batteries will help lower their carbon footprint, and extend the life of the precious and scantily available battery materials. Evyon will play a key role in ensuring this, thus working towards a green and sustainable future."


6. What motivates you to go to work?


"As I mentioned earlier, I did not have a background in the energy industry. Also, I have not worked in a start-up before Evyon. Building systems from the scratch, deploying your own processes, and coping with the market dynamics is what we learn day in and day out. We celebrated Evyon’s anniversary recently and our CEO Jørgen was sharing the milestones of the journey we have had so far. It was encouraging to see the incredible transformation of our company in just a year! So, to live every moment of that journey and actively contribute towards it motivates me to go to work."

7. What do you think makes our team culture unique?


"Our team culture is a perfect example of unity in diversity. We are a team of 22 professionals from around 16 nationalities striving towards a common goal of making environment-friendly sustainable battery solutions. Everyone onboard brings a unique perspective, based on their varied backgrounds and different professional expertise. It is incredible to be a part of such a dynamic and inclusive team!"

8. What’s the best advice you can give to someone who wants to work at Evyon?

"My advice would be to understand our mission of enabling a renewable and sustainable green energy future in the first place. If it clicks with you, you are most welcome here. People can develop skills on the job, but to have a mindset which is aligned to our mission breathes a new life to our commitment and performance eventually."

9. If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?

"Being part of the Energy industry for about half a year and an energy consumer throughout my life, I would have an unlimited energy supply at my disposal. Of course, my assumption is that I wouldn't have to pay any bill for that!"


10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


"Well, we are living in challenging times. Everywhere, people are engulfed in innumerable issues - wars, pandemics, global warming, poverty, and whatnot. All of this affects the mental health of people all around the globe. If I had any superpower, I would love to make people feel happy, secure, and peaceful. I can’t imagine how such a world can exist but let it be so, at least in my imagination!"


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