Team Member Spotlight: Meet our board member, Monika Inde Zsak.

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At Evyon, we believe that our people is our ultimate secret ingredient. That’s why we have put significant efforts into growing our team since day one. Because we see our investors and board members as a part of the team, we have been equally - if not more - diligent in the selection of these.


This month, we caught up with one of our esteemed board members, Monika Inde Zsak, for another edition of the Team Member Spotlight. 


Creating a better world through venture capital


Prior to the beginning of her career, Monika obtained a Master’s degree in energy engineering and finance. After finishing her studies, Monika joined Accenture as a strategy consultant where she led growth projects for utilities/energy companies across Europe and the Nordics. With more than 15 years of experience in sustainability and renewables, Monika faced different challenges, developments, and changes in the energy industry. 


Today, as an early-stage tech investor and partner at Wiski Capital, Monika scouts and supports the leading entrepreneurs in the renewable industry. Driven by the desire to create a better future for her kids and generations to come, Monika has always been deeply engaged in sustainability and renewables. Her extensive background in the energy sector, in addition to her passion for such topics, has made her an instrumental force in helping companies like Evyon to succeed in the ever-changing energy landscape.

I think when you work with something you are passionate about, you also have higher chances of succeeding. It turns out that my passion is building new businesses within sustainability and the energy space. I think it is especially motivating having worked with new tech/changes in the energy industry from different angles, both on the customer and supplier side being exposed to pain points- and now as a VC investor”, Monika shares.


At Evyon, her role in the board is to support, motivate and challenge the team to succeed. While there are always challenges in the energy sector, Monika sees the resources to produce a new battery as an opportunity for Evyon. The second-life batteries repurposed in Evyon’s industrial systems can lead the way in sustainable energy solutions, as they can help aid the challenge discarded EV batteries pose to the environment.


Energy as an universal currency


Apart from being an investor in sustainable-driven startups, Monika also values having fun as a team. Since growing a company has a lot of ups and downs, she believes that the key to surviving is enjoying and having fun throughout the ride. 


In her spare time, Monika competes in triathlons and enjoys spending time with friends and her kids. Moreover, Monika likes learning new things and considers herself a battery nerd. When asked what was the weirdest fact she knows, Monika replies “Did you know that stomach acid can melt metal? The digestive juices in the gut contain hydrochloric acid, which can dissolve certain metals like zinc and falls just below battery acid on the pH scale”.


When asked about what kind of impact she sees Evyon having in the future, Monika answers with a quote “ ‘Energy is the only universal currency; it is necessary for getting anything done.’ This quote comes from Vaclav Smil’s book. I love it because it describes the importance of energy.” She continues “Energy is the backbone of our society. It has been the driving force behind cultural and economic progress over the past 10.000 years. Without energy nothing works - computers, hospitals, cellphones - and most of us have taken access to energy as a given for a long time.” 


According to Monika, the energy crisis and the need for swapping fossil fuels with emission-free alternatives make batteries a vital tool to facilitate the energy transition. For her, Evyon's offering is at the core of what is needed in the energy industry moving forward.


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