Team Member Spotlight: Meet our Electrical Engineer, Theo Degeorges.

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At Evyon, we believe that our team members are the driving force behind our success. So, for this month’s team member spotlight, you will get to know Theo Degeorges and his journey from being a student in France to becoming an electrical engineer at Evyon in Norway. We will also explore how his work at Evyon enabled him to combine his interests in science and innovation, creating a positive impact on the environment. 


With a double degree in general and electrical engineering from Ecole Centrale de Marseille, Theo brings expertise to the design, development, and testing of Evyon’s industrial battery systems. As one of Evyon’s first employees, Theo has been a central figure in forming the company to what it is today.

Engineering as an innovation booster

Theo’s interest in science and innovation started at a young age. Prior to starting his career in engineering, he was involved in various student organizations which allowed him to develop his skills and gain more experience in the field. In France, Theo was the president of a student group focused on building autonomous robots, as part of his local engineering school. This started a passion that he also brought to Norway, where he joined Revolve and Ascend - two student groups from NTNU in which he was building electric race cars and drones.

“I always loved science and innovation. I have been in different student organizations since I was in middle school. So becoming an engineer was a way for me to learn more about science and be able to innovate. I first studied general engineering, but I particularly like electrical engineering, which is why I have a double degree.” Theo comments.


Through NTNU’s Revolve, Theo met Evyon’s CEO Jørgen which got him started in the energy industry. He shares: “One day Jørgen posted a message on the Alumni group on Facebook that he was looking for a CTO for Evyon. I was interested in the projects and was super excited with the opportunity to start working at the company after finishing my studies. I ended up starting the next month remotely from Trondheim as an intern”.

From internship to full-time employment


As one of the first employees of Evyon and the first electrical engineer in the company, Theo has played a crucial role in the development of Evyon’s battery systems since the very beginning. He experienced first-hand how Evyon has grown in over two years and how his role has evolved along with it: “We used to be a couple of people doing everything from understanding the customers’ needs to installing the systems. This implied designing, finding parts, building the systems, handling the software, bringing and integrating the system to the customers. We would even help installing solar panels and inverters”.


During his internship at Evyon, Theo started working on almost all of the electrical components of the system, and now as a full-time electrical engineer he is focusing on the safety and control of Evyon’s battery systems. In addition, Theo is currently building and assembling the harnesses he designed, as well as conducting tests with the battery management system (BMS).

Like a family


When asked about why he joined Evyon, Theo answered: “I progressed from intern to full-time because I really liked the family feeling of the company and the fact that we care about each other. People are caring more than what I could have been expecting before joining. I also joined this company because it is based in Norway and I really love the country”.

Now, through his work as a full-time electrical engineer, Theo continuously contributes to Evyon’s vision of building a fully renewable future for everyone. His role in designing, testing, and assembling the battery systems helps to bring the first prototypes and pilots to life. Motivated to decrease environmental challenges, Theo states: “even though we will not fix all issues, I really like Evyon’s value of reusing and extending the lifetime of batteries”.


Environment and nature

When Theo is not working, he enjoys being surrounded by nature and engaging in outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, biking, and skiing. For him, nature is beautiful and provides a strong sense of belonging.


When asked about a wish to come true, he replied “I wish that every single person on earth would suddenly be very mindful about the environment and would work all together to limit the impact as much as possible”.


Theo’s passion for the environment and desire to develop his knowledge within the engineering field brought him to Norway. His curiosity toward Norway and the Norwegian way of living with nature led him to work at Evyon, a company that also wants to build a planet-friendly future.


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