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In this latest edition of the Team Member Spotlight, we introduce Maxime Bousseaud, our Business Development Manager. He join us from Hitachi Energy, and brings ten years of hands-on experience in battery energy system sales and business development.

His expertise makes him an instrumental member in the growth and development of Evyon. Continue reading to learn more about Maxime and his passion for the energy transition.

Supporting the Energy Transition

Maxime’s interest in renewable energy began during high school in France. Since then, he found himself drawn to organizations that were making a difference “I started to develop a passion for the renewable energy sector and started thinking how I could have a positive impact on society and support the energy transition”. After having pursued a multidisciplinary degree at Icam, a French engineering school, he got the opportunity to work in the solar industry as part of an internship. This experience enabled him to further his education through an Advanced Master program, where he learned about the energy sector from a business perspective. As a result, Maxime joined ABB, a technology leader in power and automation.


While working for ABB/Hitachi Energy for ten years, Maxime explored opportunities for growth in the energy sector. He researched various areas like energy storage, microgrids, electrification of mobility, hydrogen, marine renewable energy, and more. Eventually, he chose to focus on energy storage and joined the ABB Belgium (that later became Hitachi Energy) business unit that specialized in commercial and industrial battery energy storage solutions. When asked why he decided to join Evyon, he answered "I decided to take up a new challenge and join Evyon to actively contribute to the creation of a leader in repurposing of electric vehicle batteries".

Growth Potential for Evyon

As Evyon’s business development manager, Maxime’s role consists of building a bridge between Evyon and customers
“We need to build long term relationships with customers, listen to their challenges and continuously adapt our offering to meet their demand”. Moreover, he hopes that his valuable experience in the energy storage industry and strategic marketing background will help to ensure growth for Evyon.


When asked about what sets Evyon apart from other companies in the industry, Maxime points out Evyon’s unique positioning. He explained that Evyon’s approach to characterizing EV batteries gives Evyon full visibility on their degradation, allowing the company to repurpose them efficiently in flexible and high-energy density battery racks while also monitoring their degradation in their new stationary application. He believes that this innovative approach to battery management is what makes Evyon stand out in the industry.


Additionally, Maxime sees great potential for Evyon in overcoming the technical challenges in the industry. He adds “while Evyon gives the opportunity for batteries to have a second life in stationary storage systems, this also presents a lot of challenges in terms of supply chain, re-manufacturing, warranty, etc.” Accordingly, he believes that Evyon is already helping to build a more sustainable energy industry by:


  • Offering the automotive manufacturers, fleet owners or battery recyclers a solution to efficiently sort the electric vehicle batteries being discarded.


  • Supporting the commercial buildings, industries, charging infrastructures, solar or wind power plants with planet-friendly batteries for energy storage, peak load network reduction and sustainable power grids.


  • Supporting the decarbonization of transportation by accelerating the adoption of electric transportation and enabling a second life for the batteries, reducing the environmental impact and improving ROI.

Being part of something big


Maxime's motivation for work comes from the opportunity to be part of something big, which he finds in Evyon. This aligns with his personal values and passions of making a difference in the world. He appreciates working in a team that is committed to maximizing the value of every battery while protecting people and the environment. 


Moreover, Maxime considers diversity a strength. He believes that by bringing people from different backgrounds and expertise areas, Evyon can tackle major challenges and make a real impact for the environment and society. Having a diverse team with different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving can lead to innovative and creative solutions that can transform the industry.


Balancing Personal Life and Passion for Renewable Energy


Maxime's interest in renewable energy and sustainability extends beyond his professional life. He has a deep appreciation for nature and the environment, which was an additional motivation for him and his family to move to Norway.


Having traveled to Norway before to see the fjords and experience nature, Maxime fell in love with the country’s sustainable lifestyle. He considers clean and affordable energy vital to our future and, if he had a superpower, he would use it to power the world. Maxime also gets inspired by Norway which is at the forefront of the energy transition, where 90% of new registered vehicles are electric. 


Maxime enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and traveling to new destinations. If given a chance to go back in time, he says “I would go back 10 years ago, backpacking with friends across different countries and cultures. However, I do love the time now, looking at my two-year-old growing and discovering the world”. 


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