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We are now developing our next-generation battery energy storage system. Our scalable strings are available from 66-143 kWh and can be stacked to reach the required capacity for any application.

Pilot systems are being engineered today, with the first deliveries scheduled by the end of the year. We invite interested companies to reach out through the button below to request a quote.

Commercial & Industrial

Capacity: 66-143 kWh

Our systems serve applications ranging from Commercial buildings, EV chargers, construction sites, backup power (telecom and servers). Multiple strings can be connected flexibly to create larger systems with small footprint

“We have collaborated with Evyon to get the largest repurposed C&I system of its kind in the Nordics. TGN sees this system as a «silent revolution». Not only is it the largest of its kind, but it will also be the first repurposed system to participate in Norway’s reserve power market.” Tommy B√łnsnes, TGN Energy
"Thanks to Evyon's battery systems made from repurposed EV batteries, we are able to power through an entire day of field operations without depending on a backup generator, while charging our UA batteries can also be done 50% faster" KVS Technologies
Sustainability Evyon uses only top-quality EV battery modules, which reduces the carbon footprint by up to 95%.
Quality Evyon uses top-quality EV battery modules from a leading German car manufacturer.
Value Using repurposed batteries we are able to provide top-quality battery systems at industry-leading prices.
Connectivity Evyon is connected to the Evyon Battery Cloud through 4G or WiFi, allowing you to monitor all aspects of your battery at all times.

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Do you have any questions about our solutions? Our COO Ralph Groen is happy to give you a short 30-minute presentation of our solutions. 

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