Team Member Spotlight: Meet our Senior Battery Scientist, Dr. Carvalho

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Our team is one of the biggest assets of Evyon, and going forward we will introduce you to one by one through our employee spotlight series. In these articles you will get to know them a bit better, both professionally and personally, and get to be as amazed by them as we are. First out is our Senior Battery Scientist - Rodrigo Carvalho.

Before we start, we are proud to announce that Rodrigo recently defended his PhD degree from the University of Uppsala with his thesis “Organic Electrode Battery Materials: A Journey from Quantum Mechanics to Artificial Intelligence”. Congratulations, Dr. Rodrigo, Evyon is thrilled that you are part of our team!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience prior to joining Evyon?

I studied Physics in Brazil, where I completed my Bachelor's and my Master's degrees. Although my Bachelor's project was connected to medical imaging using electricity, during the Master's my work started to gain focus in the energy area. In the meantime, I had the privilege of being a lecturer at different engineering universities. However, during my PhD, at Uppsala University, I started working with batteries in an interdisciplinary and ambitious intersection of Physics, Chemistry and Artificial Intelligence.

2. How has your education prepared you for your role at Evyon?

"I have had different experiences coming from both education and work. I had the chance of being a student, a lecturer, a laboratory leader and, recently, a doctoral candidate. At every step, we acquire more knowledge and skills. I would say, however, that on this path I could learn how to think outside the box, have a solution-oriented mindset and manage several projects with different collaborators."

3. What does your daily routine at work look like?


"Coffee (unexpected, right?), check the status of calculations I have set the day before, reply to new messages/emails and prepare the schedule and what I want to achieve for the day. Occasionally I like to set some time to read scientific reports to get updated about new techniques and discoveries in the field."

4. What kind of impact do you foresee Evyon having in the future of the energy industry?

The energy sector is yet to see several revolutions, especially regarding batteries. When it comes to sustainability, this industry still has a lot to improve and I can see Evyon playing an important role here.

5. How do you support Evyon in your role as a Battery Scientist?

"I am leading the development of our analytics/data-driven platform. In this scenario, I am providing battery expertise, leveraging data from our characterization lab through the construction of digital twins and artificial intelligence methods. This framework aims to maximize the value of each battery on two main fronts: by better understanding its optimal second-life application; and by maximizing the battery lifetime. These goals are of great importance for us as a company (we are maximizing the value of our products) and also for society, considering all the environmental aspects connected with the battery industry and sustainability."

6. What is your favorite part of working at Evyon?

"I think it is incredible to see everyone motivated in their own tasks but, at the same time, finding time to help each other. I have had so many short meetings after a simple email asking something."


7. What are three words you’d use to describe Evyon?


"I would say teamwork, ownership and sustainability. Overall, you really feel being part of a team when working here and the way we together shape the future of the company creates a sense of ownership that feels pretty good. Sustainability goes without saying. I can see this is being taken seriously by everyone here."

8. What do you like to do when you are not at work?


"So many things! I like to be surrounded by the people I love, so I usually try to hang out with friends or organize some gatherings at home. On the other hand, I like to learn new things and love the feeling of improvement, so I am usually reading something or watching a video about economy, psychology or this kind of thing."

9. If you could meet one person in the world (dead or alive), who would it be, and why?

"It would be my father. There are several incredible names in human history, but I would love to meet my dad one more time, tell him that I miss him and catch up. We have so much to talk about! I would like to thank him once more for all the good values he and my mom taught me. I will always remember him as a tough and responsible person, so trustworthy, yet so full of 'dad jokes'. He had one ready for each family reunion. "

10. How does it feel to be called Dr. Rodrigo?

"Honestly, it feels pretty good. Feels like a nice reward and acknowledgement after the hard-working PhD journey."


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