Evyon has delivered its first next-generation pilot industrial battery system.

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Last week, Evyon achieved a new milestone by delivering its very first pilot industrial battery system to a customer. After 8 months of product development and ahead of schedule the two strings were successfully delivered and installed at the customers' site and connected to their solar PV installation. This delivery marks a big achievement for a growing start-up like Evyon, before scaling up to series manufacturing later in the year.


The recently delivered system consists of two industrial battery strings, with a total of 242 kWh in energy storage capacity, two 50 kW inverters and an energy management system (EMS). The systems are digitally optimized through Evyon’s battery cloud, a platform that provides real-time information and over-the-air (OTA) updates to maximize the safety, lifetime and performance of the system.


Herman Hille, Head of Engineering from Evyon. Photo: Evyon


Customers who choose Evyon’s repurposed battery systems play an active role in advancing the energy transition in a sustainable manner. This is because Evyon repurposes EV batteries from Mecedes-Benz and reuses them in industrial battery systems, creating a scalable and planet-friendly energy storage solution. Customers can also benefit from quick delivery and a 10 year warranty.


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Stay tuned for more updates from our clients in the weeks to come. Evyon plans to deliver a total of 40MWh of battery systems during 2023.

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